Welcome to Barbara Sharp's Chimp Series !



Barbara Sharp with Save the Chimps, Chip Owens Board of Directors and Triana Romera Director of Development at Gallery 14


Save the Chimps Fundraiser at Gallery 14 a Fantastic Success !!

This event featured Barbara's paintings and paintings done by chimpanzees.

The Show: Going Bananas Over Art featured two exhibits.

The Chimp Series:

Paintings by renowned artist Barbara Sharp."

Chimps Like to Paint Too:

Abstract Acrylics Painted by Chimpanzees" - pieces

created by Save the Chimps' resident chimpanzees.

See videos and learn more at

www.SavetheChimps.org.  is located in Fort Pierce, Florida. Barbara adopted the chimp Jack. You can adopt your own chimp for a donation.



" Jack "

" Creative Cody "

 " Talented Timmy "

Note:  The below paintings of Barbara Sharp were created prior to joining the Save the Chimp project. Barbara now paints chimpanzees in their natural environment. 

 " Golfer "


                    "Cheers II"                                                                       "Cheers"

"Three Partners"

Chimp BarristerSusie with Umbrella

                           "Barrister"                                                          "Susie"

                      "Mono Lisa"                                                         "Chimp Degas"

"Marshall & McKenzie"

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